RSC provides a variety of Fireproofing products from well-known international companies. This ensures that we deliver the optimum protection for all steel structures and industrial equipment to protect against any possible fire related accidents.



Our Fireproofing activities include sand blasting and priming of steel, cleaning of primed steel, installation of mesh and reinforcement, applications and clean up. The Fireproofing thickness is determined based on the required fire rating choice of application as well as the type and size of the structure. Application areas covered include oil and gas storage tanks, structural columns, beams, structures, prefabricated panels for cable tray and hanger supports.


Propriety Cement

The following proprietary cements are utilized by RSC in applications.


  • Pyrocrete

    A light weight cementitious inorganic Fireproofing formulation single power mixed with clean potable water prior to application.


  • Monokote

    A cementitious spray-applied material, which simply requires the addition of water on the job site to form a consistent pumpable starry.



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